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Self-Care: A Keynote in the Context of 2020 (Adult Series)

Now more than ever we need to be reminded of our resilience!

Strengthening self-awareness to reduce burnout in times of stress and uncertainty (Self-Care) is a KEYNOTE address focusing on the biggest need for self-awareness and self-care in 2020! Now more than ever we need to access our sources of resilience, strength and grounding.

Participants will be introduced to the concept of burnout and learn about the Zones of Self-Awareness to detect when their stress response systems have been activated. Several sources of resilience will be explored for strengthening or building self-regulation and grounding in times of stress.  This takes participants on a journey to the center of themselves (sometimes we call it getting a Ph.D. in you!). 2-Hour certificate will be issued upon completion.

Taking Time to Remember Me

2020 has hijacked so many of us in to Fight, Flight and/or Freeze - our natural response when we have too much stress. Today we can pause and disrupt that state with small moments of self-awareness and reminders of our own sources of strength.