Strengthening Self Awareness to Reduce Burnout in Times of Stress (Self-Care):

Participants will be introduced to the concept of burnout and learn about the Zones of Self-Awareness to detect when their stress response systems have been activated. Several strategies will be explored for strengthening or building self-regulation and grounding in times of stress.  This training takes participants on a journey to the center of themselves (sometimes we call it getting a Ph.D. in you!) to examine culturally responsive self-care strategies.

3 hours and 40 minutes of video and 1 hour and 20 minutes (5 hours Total) of activities including several self-care and culturally responsive strategies and tools that will be introduced such as:

Zones of Self-Awareness and Cultivating Grounders in Times of Stress

Health and Wellness Toolkit

S.T.O.P Tool

Internal Self-Talk


Adult Trigger Checklist

Ladders of Triggers


And those are just a few. There more tools and activities included!

Hi, I’m Julie Kurtz, the CEO and Founder for the Center for Optimal Brain Integration!

I am an author, national speaker and expert consulting and training on social-emotional, self-care, trauma and resilience. I promote the concept of optimal brain integration to maximize the human growth potential. I am the Founder and CEO for the Center for Optimal Brain Integration.

I co-authored the following books:

·     Trauma-Informed Practices for Early Childhood Educators: Relationship-Based Approaches that Support Healing and Build Resilience in Young Children

·     Culturally Responsive Self-Care Practices for Early Childhood Educators

·     Trauma Informed Practices for Early Childhood Educators: Creating and Sustaining Healing and Engaged Organizations (2021)


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Strengthening Self-Care and Self-Awareness to Reduce Burnout

Promoting self-awareness and self-care practices to reduce burnout in times of stress and to promote optimal health!

In this four-part module (3 hrs. and 40 minutes of video hours), you will learn about how cultivating self-awareness and self-care can prevent burnout. Self-awareness and self-care also will allow one to have the restored energy reserves required to buffer their own stress and to prevent burnout.

Total Hours = 3-hour, 40

minutes video and 1 hour 20 minutes of activities for a total of 5 professional

development hours.