Part 1

This 30-minute segment will provide an overview of trauma, the neurobiology of trauma and the science of resilience.

Part 2

The second 30-minute segment provides concrete practical strategies educators can implement immediately in the classroom that are trauma-informed, responsive and healing for all children.

Part 3

This 30-minute module introduces cultivating self-awareness and self-care practices to keep early childhood providers restored and to prevent burnout.

Example Curriculum

Pricing Plan for 1.5 hour Onboarding Series for Early Childhood Providers


Spotlight: A 90-Minute 3-Part Trauma-Informed Onboarding Series for Early Childhood Educators

Onboarding Series for Early Childhood

This series is designed to onboard new early childhood providers at all levels of the organization. Each 30-minute segment covers a different topic on trauma-responsive and resilience building all to create a common and foundational language upon hire.

Part 1: An Overview of Trauma

Part 2: Key Trauma-Responsive and Resilience Building Strategies to Support Young Children

Part 3: Cultivating Self-Awareness and Self-Care to Reduce Burnout