My "Why" Behind Breathing

With someone who has a genetic wiring for anxiety and a history of trauma, breathing seemed almost inaccessible. I had shallow breathing and literally at times stopped breathing in a state of "panic" and what we call a "trauma trigger." With years of coaching and support, I have begun to learn to use my breath in an intentional way to find a pause, access calm, regulate my activated stress response system and have control over my stress instead of it controlling me. Breathing saved my life.

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  Breathing for Life
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Breathing for Life

Learning Breathing Techniques for Adult Well-Being

This is a 1 hour and 15 minute module recording. In addition to the handouts and activities, you will receive a 1.5

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1. Learning the biomechanics of


2. Using the breath to regulate

3. Identify different breathing


4. Alternative practices to breathing